5Sigma Consortium

 5Sigma is expanding beyond the conference into an alliance. More specifically, the 5Sigma Consortium.

You are invited!

Education conferences are wonderful; they are inspiring; they connect you to a network of learners; they promote change and innovation. 5Sigma has had no shortage of all of these moments. There is only one problem (and it’s glaring): they are fleeting. Those incredible conversations, the idea synergy, the innovation tend to end with the conference. Back in the classroom, the daily demands creep back in, and it all ends up on the back burner of “someday.”

Like you, we want learning to be better. More meaningful. More creative. More intentional. More fun. 5Sigma was born with the desire to bring together educators with world-changing thinkers and innovators together to start conversations that would transform the educational landscape.

The 5Sigma Consortium members are magnificent individuals who share a collective goal of making education better. In addition to our February conference, the 5Sigma Consortium will offer access to year-round inspiration, conversations, in-person studio sessions, and the tools that promote change and innovation in real-time. The Consortium will be limited to the first 50 applicants (not because we wouldn’t love for EVERYONE to be involved, but because we have to start somewhere.

Let's co-create an education from our wildest imagination and curiosity. Let's work together to make our education dreams a reality for all learners.

Choose from one of the following types of experiences:

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Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 3.00.55 PM.png

*A ticket to the 5Sigma Education Conference- included in every level is one ticket to attend the 5Sigma Education Conference held in February (this year is February 21-22).

*Access to the 5Sigma Consortium Facebook Group- Conferences are a great time to meet other world changers and start transformational conversations. We want to keep those important conversations going all year long in this closed Facebook group for those in our Alliance. Each month, we’ll share a new topic to keep the ideas flowing and reflection going all year long.

*25% discount on any Learning Genome Project Products- Although the full technology of the Learning Genome Project got moved to the back burner as I started Anastasis, it lives on in a series of products that are crucial to the Anastasis model. The product line increases every year.

*Learning Genome Genius Hub Sites- Inside access to the ever-growing Learning Genome Genius hub sites where we share the resources we are using for learning at Anastasis, easily searched, and implemented.

*5Sigma Studio Sessions- Quarterly in-person studio sessions where we will keep the magic flowing by learning, discussing, and innovating together throughout the year.

*Book of Choice- Choose from our library of books from the authors that keep our curiosity alive!